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Do Zero Gravity Chairs Lay Flat? and What to Look for in a New One

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Do zero gravity chairs lay flat? This is an interesting question that some of our readers ask, particularly those considering buying these types of chairs for themselves or loved ones.

do zero gravity chairs lay flat
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Zero gravity chairs are recliners constructed with features designed to suspend your body in a neutral position and elevate your feet in alignment with your heart.

When you sit in a reclined zero gravity chair, it gives you a weightless sensation experience that helps release tension and relax profoundly.

While most gravity chairs are constructed to recline to a specific degree, some models can be reclined to lay flat.

When a zero gravity chair is reclined to lay flat, you can no longer enjoy some of the benefits of sitting in a chair with zero gravity features.

Zero gravity chairs have become well known because of the comfort and some health benefits that they offer.

These chairs are constructed with a focus on reducing pressure on your spine that may lead to pain in the back, especially after sitting in an office chair or working long hours in a day.


Can you sit upright in a zero gravity chair?

can you sit upright in a zero gravity chair
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Yes, you can sit upright in a zero gravity chair. To do that, make sure the chair is adjusted to the full upright position and locked up.

One of the good things about zero gravity chairs is that you can recline them to different positions that suit your body.


What Should I Look for in a Zero Gravity Chair?

what to look for in a zero gravity chair
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This section is devoted to the things you should look out for when considering a zero gravity chair. Things like the features that matter, the top functionalities, and other relevant information that you would not have thought about.

1. Strong lock mechanisms

Effortless freedom of movement and comfort are what zero gravity chairs are constructed for. The feeling of suspending yourself in the air, and taking the pressure off your back and hips can be deeply relaxing.

Nevertheless, you might find yourself in a comfortable position sometimes, and you wouldn’t want to change that position. So you’ll try as much as you can to keep the chair in that comfortable position.

This is where a strong lock mechanisms feature comes into play. This feature is designed to hold and lock a gravity chair in a preferred position, and for as long as you want.


2. Stability

A new zero gravity chair should feel secure and stable when you sit on it. If you notice the joints moving in weird ways while sitting on the chair, chances are the weight capacity is unsuitable for you, or the joints are not firmly tightened enough. Models with thick frames tend to hold strongly and tightly for long.


3. Capacity and size

If you weigh more than 200-lbs, and are over 6-foot tall, an oversized zero gravity chair will be a perfect choice for you. Extra-large chairs come with secure stitching on the fabrics that make them stronger. Plus, they have wide frames with the capacity to accommodate heavier loads – an ideal choice for people that need additional support.


4. Built-in Pillow

A built-in pillow in a gravity chair adds to the comfort that the chair offers. When you recline the chair to lay flat, the pillow will help eliminate the strain on your neck.


5. Armrests with an ergonomic feel

The armrest of your chosen zero gravity chair should be ergonomic. It should feel soft and smooth on your arms. This will help decrease the pressure off your wrists and elbows and give you higher levels of comfort.



The question, do zero gravity chairs lay flat, is answered at the top in the first paragraph. The short answer is yes, they lay flat. But you may not experience the full benefits of a zero-gravity position.


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