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Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work? How They Function, and Their Benefits

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Do zero gravity chairs work? This is a question lots of people often ask, especially when they’re on the verge of buying one.

do zero gravity chairs work
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The answer to that question can be a bit difficult to give because people have different preferences when it comes to making a choice.

One simple and yet effective way to find out if a zero gravity chair will work for you or not is to lie down on the floor and raise up your legs on a couch or sofa at an angle of about 100 – 130 degrees Celsius.

While in that position, if you feel a level of relief on your back, this means a zero gravity chair would work for you. It’s about time you invest in one.

Zero gravity chairs are constructed to hold your body in the same position that astronauts put themselves in when they take off for missions in space.

In that position, your body weight is evenly distributed across the zero gravity chair. This makes you feel weightless and help relieve stress on your body.

While astronauts sit in this position in order to prevent injury from an abrupt and powerful increase in gravity while on their way to space, you can take advantage of this quality in a zero gravity chair to relieve pressure on your body.

Gone are the days when zero gravity chairs were only used by astronauts. Today, these types of chairs are great sources of comfort and relief for people with different kinds of health issues, including back pain, spinal alignment issues, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

Even if you feel strong and healthy, a zero gravity chair can still offer you a soothing relaxation experience.


How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work?

how do zero gravity chairs work
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When NASA started sending astronauts into space in 1960 with a mission to study the universe that surrounds us.

In the beginning, astronauts were required to stay in space for brief periods of time. But when NASA began extending the number of time astronauts spent in space, some of them started experiencing adverse health effects such as bone density reduction, muscle wastage, and unnecessary weight loss.

As a result, NASA decided to find a solution to the above-mentioned problems so that its team could go into space without having any health impact on the professionals. This gave forth to the concept of zero gravity chairs.

The idea involves using pressure to hold astronauts in place while in space carrying/executing out their mission. The end result was a huge decrease in health issues experienced by astronauts.

Today, sleep chairs and recliner chairs have the same mechanics as zero gravity chairs. The only difference is that you can use any of these to fly into space as astronauts do.

Instead, zero gravity chairs will help minimize pressure on your body by distributing your body weight evenly on the chair. In other words, gravity will place less stress on certain areas of your body.

To be more specific, the chair will raise your legs and put you in a pose called the Trendelenburg position. This position functions with small valves in your veins that let the blood flow back to your heart smoothly, and put your body in a relaxation mode.

That’s basically how zero-gravity chairs work.


What Are the Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs?

what are the benefits of zero gravity chairs
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What are the benefits of zero gravity chairs? Can it help me?

These are some of the questions that people ask when they’re thinking of buying one.

Following are a few of the benefits that zero gravity chairs have to offer.

1. Enhance body flexibility

Zero gravity chairs help combat conditions in the body called a trigger point, which is known to lessen body flexibility.


2. Blood pressure regulation

When you’re fully relaxed in a zero gravity chair, it helps keep your blood pressure down, a similar experience that you get when you’re completing an effective yoga exercise. Because of this, your blood pressure stays constant and your heart beats at a steady rate.


3. Reliefs lower back pain

Another great benefit that zero gravity chairs offer is pain relief in your lower back. At a zero gravity position, pressure is eliminated in the lower back. This helps you experience total relaxation.


4. Posture improvement

In a zero-gravity position, your body experiences a decompressing spine. Misalignments in your neck and shoulders are also corrected thereby improving the posture of your body.



With the brief explanations above, we hope that this article has answered the questions:

  • Do zero gravity chairs work?
  • How do zero gravity chairs work?
  • What are the benefits of zero gravity chairs?

If you’re on the verge of buying one, go ahead and make the purchase.


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