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Make Your Office Chair Last Longer: 6 Helpful Tips to Prolong Its Lifespan

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Want to learn how to make your office chair last longer?

If you answered yes, you’re on the right web page.

make your office chair last longer
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For people that spend the majority of their time working in front of the computer, sitting in an office chair is unavoidable.


Some office chairs get the chance to be used in a good way, while others get abused by their owners who spend long hours doing overtime frequently and several hours sitting on a chair than they sleep in the bed later in the night.

If you’re like most people, you’re not conscious about how much time you spend sitting in your office chair, particularly if you sit on the chair 8 hours per day and 5 days per week. These numerous hours of sitting can add up and ultimately wear down your office chair.

For most people, this can occur earlier than anticipated, particularly if the chair does not receive proper care from its owner.

While proper cleaning and regular maintenance are key components for extending the lifespan of an office chair, it takes more than using a rag to wipe down the chair to keep it looking new all the time.

If you truly want to prolong the lifespan of your office chair, save yourself from the hassle of buying new chairs every other time, and save your money, there are things that you can do to not only get the most out of your piece of furniture but to also make your office chair last longer than it was meant to.


1. Determine the weight limit

Regular office chairs are constructed to support up to 205 pounds. With the exception of specialty tall and big models, with others that can carry up to 550 pounds, you’ll find most office chairs online with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

If you’ve got a weight that requires a special office chair, it’s better to pay the additional money for one, or else, your chair will not benefit from any warranty. This will increase its chances of breaking down pretty fast.

Tall and big office chairs are made with sturdy components such as steel frames and are mostly designed for tough use.

Every office chair that’s being sold online will have a dedicated web page with all the information about the chair model listed, including the maximum weight capacity. Take note of that. And if you can’t find any information about the weight capacity of an office chair that you’re considering, don’t hesitate to ask.


2. The manufacturer warranty matters

Each office chair that is sold in the market has a manufacturer warranty. If you can’t find one on a chair model that you’re considering, it’s advisable not to spend your money on it.

This is why it’s extremely crucial that you read the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with an office chair before you invest in it. Find out the parts of the chair that are warranted and for how long.

A manufacturer’s warranty says a lot about their product. If a manufacturer offers 10 years or lifetime warranty on parts of their products, this indicates that they’re confident in the components and construction of their office chairs that they’re ready to take a risk by extending the warranty for several years.

When an office chair’s component falls apart, that is deducted from the manufacturer’s funds for a replacement.

This is the reason why some product warranties are limited. And it’s another reason why manufacturers will offer a limited warranty on seat fabrics for fewer periods than other chair components.

The main reason is that seat fabrics fade away really quickly due to how frequently it gets used.

To ensure that the fabric on your office chair does not fade away more rapidly, choose a chair model with a premium-grade fabric. Another great option is to pick a vinyl or leather chair that’s resistant to all sorts of use and abuse.


3. Choose a sturdy model

how to make office chair last
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 One sure way to own an office chair that will stand the test of time is to buy a model that’s constructed for stability and durability. This is a no-brainer, right.


Sadly, most people don’t reason this way. If you’re looking for a good deal office chair at your nearest furniture store, you’ll probably get a great price but in return, you’ll receive a chair that’s made with low-quality components and may possibly not last longer than you expected.

In a year or two, you’ll have to start looking for a new chair to buy all over again.

Doesn’t it make sense to invest in a high-quality office chair that can 10 years than going through the hassle of buying a new chair every few months?


4. Inspect your chair regularly

inspect your office chair regularly to make it last longer

Just like any machine that gets used over and over again, bolts and screws can loosen up as time goes on. The same thing can happen to an office chair that gets used frequently.

To prevent accidents like falling chair parts or a chair collapsing completely, it’s crucial to inspect your chair once in a while – every six months. The goal is to ensure that all components and parts of your office chair are intact – well tightened. Look for any signs of cracks at the base of the office chair.

A broken mechanism, loose arms, loose securing bolts, and faulty wheels or casters are some of the things to check out on your office chair.

If any of these components are damaged, get in touch with the furniture deals to see if the parts are covered by the warranty that came with the chair when you first bought it.

As mentioned before, if the chair is covered under a good warranty, the seller should be able to ship the replacement parts to you free of charge.


5. Clean the chair frequently

clean your office chair regularly to make it last longer

Stains, stains, and unpleasant orders are unavoidable when it comes to using an office chair. For this reason, it’s extremely important to be proactive in getting the chair cleaned often.

Get an upholstery chair cleaner to keep your chair looking brand new for as long as you want. Having a clean rag and upholstery cleaner in an easy-to-reach place will help you clean any mess – stain or spill – as soon as it happens.

Use the upholstery cleaner to get rid of any spill or stain immediately it lands on the chair before it begins to spread all over the fabric. Remember to clean gently to avoid damaging or ruining the fabric.

Another great way to keep your office chair cleaned is by vacuuming it frequently. Office chairs collect lots of dust and grime.

This can affect the upholstery of the chair and make it lose its comfort and cushioning over time. Regular vacuuming will not only help make your office chair last longer but will also keep it cleaned and attractive all the time.


6. Practice good sitting habits

practice good sitting habits

Avoid leaning too far back when you’re sitting on your office chair. It will help prevent the chair legs or wheels from lifting off the floor.

When you lean too far back often, it can lead to structural damage on the chair. It can also make key components of the chair loosen up, and consequently, make the whole chair fall apart. In addition, you can also injure yourself.

Leaning too far forward is another behavior that you should avoid. People often do this by putting all their weight on the front of the chair. This can make the chair tip over. The result can be you injuring yourself, or the chair being broken.


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