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Why Are Stressless Chairs So Expensive?

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You’re wondering why are stressless chairs so expensive, right?

There is a good reason for that.

why are stressless chairs so expensive
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These types of chairs are constructed with several features that are designed to provide comfort and coziness while you enjoy a relaxing moment.

The cost of producing stressless chairs is exorbitant, especially the high-quality models.

Stressless chairs are manufactured with premium-quality materials that can last several years. But the question is …


Why Are Stressless Chairs So Expensive?

Stressless chairs focus mainly on quality in the materials and components used for their constructions. During production, stressless chairs go through a series of processes in which every detail counts.

But following are 3 other reasons why stressless chairs are so expensive and why they’re a worthwhile investment for a home or office.


1. Authentic material

Stress chairs are made with premium-quality leather material. The cost of this material is expensive and cannot be sourced just from any place. Few companies specialize in producing genuine leather. So the price of this material alone is one of the contributing factors to the high price tag on stressless chairs.


2. Guaranteed quality

The components of Stressless chairs are made with high-grade materials such as strong stainless steel. The frame of some stressless chairs is made with sturdy wood and is designed to last longer. The cost of these materials is high and has a great influence on the prices of stressless chairs.


3. Unique construction

Stressless chairs are not just made to look attractive, they’re constructed to offer comfort and minimize pressure on your body. For example, the most expensive and bestselling stressless recliners come with built-in technology features that are designed to support the shape of your body in a comfortable and relaxing position. In addition, the ergonomic design of stressless chairs provides absolute comfort while you’re sitting.


✅ How Much Do Stressless Chairs Cost?

how much do stressless chairs cost
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Instead of spending your hard-earned money on multiple chairs or recliners that are prone to quick malfunctions after buying, a stressless chair will resist all sorts of use and last longer than you expected. It’s worth investing in one.

When it comes to choosing the most expensive furniture pieces on the market, stressless chairs will be in the conversation. This makes buying a stressless chair model an investment.

The prices of stressless chairs vary and this is based on what you’re looking for in a model.

The 3 factors below will help you determine the type of stressless chair that you want, and how much you can expect to spend.

i) Design – Stressless chairs come in various sizes and designs with reclining features. These three factors have a huge impact on the pricing. It starts at under $400 to under $2000.

ii) Home or Office – A regular stressless chair for a home can cost up to under $1000. The price of a stressless office recliner starts at under $1000, and a more luxurious model can cost up to under $2000.

iii) Regular or Luxury – An entry-level stressless chair can cost up to under $300. The more luxurious models can cost up to $1500 or beyond.

With the price points mentioned above, expect to see some differences in the size of the furniture, the complexity of the stitching, and the quality of materials used to construct the chair. Of course the bigger the furniture, the higher its price tag.

The most expensive stressless chair models come with premium cushions you can sink into, high-quality leather that can withstand all sorts of use, and advanced features for lumbar and neck support. All this contributes to the high cost.


✅ How to Choose the Right Stressless Chair

how to choose the right stressless chair
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Having the budget to buy a stressless piece of furniture is one thing, choosing the right model that’s perfect for your needs is a great factor to consider as well.

Take your lifestyle and home decor into account before buying a Stressless chair. Ensure that you choose a model that not only reflects your style but also blends well with your home or office design. Like any furniture, the model that you’re considering meets your requirements for functionality, comfort, and design.

If you’re not certain of whether or not you want to invest in a stressless chair, the best way to decide is to test different models in a local furniture store in your area. It will help you decide on the right model that matches your style and falls within your budget.

There you have it. The answer to the question ‘why are stressless chairs so expensive?‘, how much stressless chairs cost, and how to choose the right model for your needs.


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